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It’s time to get real.

Chip Higgins founded Bizzics aware of the frustrations of Small Business owners in accessing reliable information, new ideas, and thinking partners to help their businesses grow. He wanted to simplify the fundamentals of business, streamline the idea flow, and coach business owners to the successful implementation of their own best solutions, at the pace that their firms could absorb change. No four-inch, three-ring binders from consultants, gathering dust on the shelf. Real results. Real time.

Chip_headshot_sizedChip grew up in Winston-Salem, NC, the unassuming home of textile, tobacco, and banking giants. And the Krispy Kreme donut. He ate more than his share of Krispy Kremes, and felt drawn to the banking industry. Equipped with a bachelor’s degree in Economics and an MBA, both from UNC-Chapel Hill, Chip forged a 35 year career in banking. Starting as a management trainee straight from his undergraduate experience, Chip quickly discovered a passion for serving Small Business owners. He devoted his career to it, first as a lender then in executive leadership roles with three different regional banking firms.

In each of his leadership roles, Chip was determined to add maximum value to Small Business owners through innovative advisory practices intended to establish a complete understanding of the client’s business. Chip’s passion, expertise, and leadership ability resulted in each bank being recognized nationally as high performing among peers by Greenwich Associates, the most highly respected commercial banking research firm in the nation. In 2017, Chip’s employer tied for the most Small Business excellence awards among thousands of banks in the survey universe.

In 2011, Chip’s love of leadership and leadership development led him to become a founding member of the John Maxwell Team of certified coaches, speakers, and trainers. Chip had been heavily influenced by John’s teachings in his own leadership development and felt stirred to share John’s teachings with others for their accessibility and simple transfer to effective leadership practice. Chip has trained hundreds of leaders in Uganda as well as dozens in the Nashville business community, earning Volunteer of the Year from the Nashville Business Incubation Center in 2014 for pro bono leadership development work with Small Business owners.

Chip is eager to get started with you to build your masterpiece. You may discover that the laws of nature are the most powerful business guides of all.

“If you can’t fly then run, if you can’t run then walk, if you can’t walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward .”

Martin Luther King Jr.

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